No tickling allowed …

OK, so since I caught that miserable cold I’ve been having these sneezing episodes that leave me with a tickle in my nose. I’m better now, but the sneezing and tickle still occur a few times a day. Aaaaaand this got me thinking.


A seemingly unthreatening word. It’s actually kind of a cute word. It’s even a little fun to say … tickle.

WHY then is it one of the most unpleasant things on earth to experience?

Tickling itself is not fun. And as you get older it gets less fun. It becomes a down right health hazard. All that uncontrolled flailing about … it’s a prescription for disaster! And let me tell you, a TICKLE in your nose is NOT cute or fun. It’s annoying. And makes me attack my own face like a crazy person.

There … I feel better now.

Well, I hope you all had a day where something didn’t make you totally flip the heck out!!!


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