Someone special on my side …

I said good bye to my doctor of almost 9 years today. She will still be working at Kaiser but won’t have a regular client base. And I have to say, I am very sad about it.

The first time I had an interaction with her I was actually complaining about her staff. I told her what I had told the many doctors I had worked with before as a social worker. “You are only as good a physician as your support staff allows you to be.” She agreed … and we went on to have one of the best patient/doctor relationships I have ever known.

She literally saved my life. She saw me through meningitis and the year of recovery it took to get me back to ME. She supported me all through my roller coaster of a pregnancy with Reese. She comforted me through COUNTLESS breast cancer concerns. When I told her I wanted to run my first marathon she ran all the tests she could to confirm that I was in the best condition to start my training. Then when I told her I wanted to earn my way into Marathon Maniacs, running two marathons 7 days apart, she told me to go for it. All she asked was that I made an appointment to see her the second I got back from San Francisco. And I did.

I remember the care with which she examined me that day. Gentle. Concerned. Thorough. When she was done with my exam, she said that she had to admit that she was surprised I wasn’t in worse shape considering what I had just put my body through … and then she told me … that she was proud of me.

Perhaps what made our relationship great, wasn’t what she did for me medically … but what she did for me mentally. She believed in my dreams just as much as I did. She never stood in my way or gave me reasons that I “shouldn’t”. All she ever wanted was to make sure that I was safe and as ready as I could be to chase them …

I will miss her dearly.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are thankful to have had someone special on your side!!!


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