Just let life happen …

I had a long cry today. Boy, have I been missing my mom. I knew that running in Los Angeles last night would probably trigger a few emotions for me, but I was a pretty decent sized mess. L.A. will always remind me of my mom. We lived there after first moving from New York and she worked there for many years. So I guess it makes sense to have it all stir up my emotions, but honestly, the degree to which it does sometimes often takes me off guard.

I knew the New Year’s race Los Angeles’s course took us up to Dodger Stadium, all through Elysian Park then back to Downtown L.A. If you are unfamiliar with that part of town, all I can say is think HILLS. Lots and lots and lots of HILLS. At one point I actually felt like we had only climbed up … even when we came back down! Anyway, it’s a very challenging course and at night the sights are truly spectacular. My favorite moment on the course was as we ran to the top of the hill where Dodger Stadium is perched. We looked out over all of Downtown and it was absolutely breathtaking. It was such a crisp and clear night that every light in that skyline was visible. It really took me back. I talked to my mom and had a good cry. I didn’t stop and take a picture, but part of me wishes I had. It was so beautiful. At the time I saw other runners stopping and taking pictures but something I say to myself prevailed in my thought process and it is this:

No matter how hard you try to capture a feeling or a moment with a picture, some deserve the respect of just being left alone. Meaning … feel the moment. Don’t stand behind a camera or a cell phone missing what is really happening. Take life in with all of your senses. Live it, and then, let it pass. With the age of technology we can (I know I do) snap pictures every time we want. But I promised myself long ago, that REAL moments don’t always have to be anything more than experienced once and remembered fondly for a lifetime. And I have to say, I have no regrets in that department, because those are life’s finest moments … and I don’t want to miss a one.

Well, I hope I you all had a day where you just let life happen!!!


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