I’m not ready to say goodbye …

The relationships that we have with one another are gifts. People who touch our lives in wildly positive ways, are heroes. Valuing each encounter with people like this is insurmountably important … because one day they may be gone. Today I’m not writing about the ones who have passed away. I am writing about the ones who move on. People who no longer will serve the role (so to speak) that they did in your life as they had before. And not for a negative reason either. No fight or disagreement occurred, just life getting in the way. Or rather making another way … for them. It’s hard when you are the one being left behind. Tears fall. The loss, painful. It’s at times like these when I try to be thankful for the moments I did have with these wonderful souls. But my grief often gets the best of me, and for at least a little while, I am sad.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you weren’t ready to say goodbye!!!


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