Play-Doh and some childhood anxieties …

Today after Reese got home from school she decided she wanted to play with her Play-Doh … ew.

I’ll be real honest, I didn’t even like Play-Doh when I was a kid. I hated everything about it. The texture, the smell, how my hands felt after I was done playing with it and how it all tuned brown when all the colors got mushed together … oh my god … guh.

Anyway, as a parent Play-Doh has always been a stretch for me. It’s been around our house since Sid was about two, so you would think I would be desensitized to it on some level. Uh … no.

Well. Maybe.

Today when Reese brought me the canisters to open, I asked my pre Play-Doh play question, ” Are you sure you don’t want to play with something else?” Reese was pretty sure she wanted Play-Doh, so I reluctantly opened the canisters as she handed them to me. Usually I have to dig a portion of it out for her (shudder) but today she happily did it on her own … and I let her! I always keep my fingernails short but no matter how hard I try, that vile substance manages to wedge itself underneath them … gag.

Anyway, Reese played with it for about a half hour and then moved on to something else. So I began the clean up. Now usually I could justify wearing gloves (and a Hazmat suit) during the clean up, but the today I just dove in bare handedly. Not only that! I even made an effort to separate the colors that loosely touched each other. Prior to today, if the colors even came close to touching each other it ended up in the trash.

I gotta say, I shocked myself! The whole Play-Doh experience wasn’t nearly as horrific as I usually find it. GO ME! Who knows what’s next?!?! Maybe I’ll even give Jell-O a whirl … OK … no … never. Yeah … let’s not get me started on Jell-O.

Goodness … it’s amazing I had any friends in pre-school.

Well, I hope you all had a day were you overcame some childhood anxieties!!!


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