The path of least resistance …

Ever have one of those mornings where once it was over all you could think of was, “That was ROUGH!”?

Me. I did today.

Things didn’t necessarily go wrong, but they were far from our normal course. I’m sure my horrid night’s sleep didn’t help much either. It lead to me not feeling particularly fantastic when I woke up. I was slow moving and I ended up off track, doing things out of order. Wow, am I a creature of habit.

Anyway, things that should have gone smoothly and quickly all seemed to have an extra step. The Keurig needed water before I made my coffee. The butter was too hard to be spread on toast. We needed a new box of sandwich bags opened. I dropped things and had extra messes to clean up. Things dripped and were wet and needed to be dried off. Shirts got bunched up in the arms of sweaters. OY! One thing after another seemed to derail us from our usual morning routine.

I’m not sure what exactly causes these kind of mornings to occur, but I am certainly thankful that they don’t happen very often.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you take the path of least resistance!!!


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