Pushing my buttons …

So I thought I had a spectacular idea of bringing Reese to go vote with me today. Even though I knew she wouldn’t really understand the event much, I thought that it was still a teachable moment. Since this kind of voting doesn’t happen all that frequently, I figured I would seize the moment and word it in a way that she could understand that it was important. I told her, “We have to go make good choices and when we are done we will get a sticker.”

Quite honestly, I first thought I should be elected mother of the year for trying so hard.

Um … no.

I soon realized my idea was a bad one. VERY. BAD.

Give a kid a button to push and they will push it … A LOT. And randomly. Like at the very end of voting when you can REJECT the ballot. Yep. Then. Big sigh.

Well, I hope you all have a day where no one pushes your buttons!!!


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