My world sparkles …

There is something wonderful about running in the early morning hours, especially at Spring time, that sets the tone for my whole day. Now don’t get me wrong, as I get deeper into my training I will revert back to calling this time of day the UN-DEAD hours. But right now I’m still basking in the glory of being able to train again.

In the early morning hours when I leave my home it is still dark and the Spring air is still cool. The darkness begins to fade quickly to a blue gray, then blue, yellow and pink. The clouds become clearer and whiter. The sun brightening the sky more and more with every passing second. The air warms but not enough to be unpleasant. It’s still cool and perfect to run in. Everything smells wet and clean. All of this is beautiful and enjoyable, but my favorite part of these early morning runs is the dew.

Yes, the dew.

For a long time I can only smell that damp smell, but it’s appearance never ceases to amaze me and take me by surprise. As the sun begins to rise higher in the sky the dew makes it’s presence known, always appearing when I least expect it. But suddenly it’s there … spectacularly blanketing everything … and it ALWAYS makes me smile.

Well, I hope you all have a day where your world SPARKLES!!!


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