Bravely surrendering …

I am sick and so are three out of four of my H-Crew (what I have affectionately come to call my children). This is not the best case scenario for anyone, let alone a woman about to run her fifth marathon. Times like this you can either get angry or surrender to whatever God is trying to teach you. I usually waiver between both, HA! I have come to realize that when I choose to do the latter, it calls for a bit of BRAVERY. Before 2014 started I was determined to handle it BRAVELY. I’m staring down a lot of demons this year with the 20th anniversary of my mother’s passing and the fact that on my next birthday I turn the age she was when she died. Yep, 2014 is a DOOZEY for me. Knowing what I was facing I claimed my yearly one word mantra as BRAVE. I think it’s important to pick a new one every year, but that’s a topic for a different day. Being BRAVE requires us to learn more about yourselves under stressful situations so that we can survive them and move forward. Let’s face it, you don’t have to be BRAVE in pleasant situations. The need for BRAVERY presents itself when we are thrust into situations we perceive as painful or frightening. I think the first steps to BRAVELY facing a new (or revisited) trial is admitting that you must learn something new about yourself and be willing to change. I’m a firm believer that God has us repeat situations until we become the person He needs us to be to carry out His plan. So the more unpleasant the situation I find myself in, the more willing I tend to be to learn from it. After all, I don’t need a repeat of anything painful or frightening.

So how does this all relate to a sick mom with sick kids about to run a marathon??? Well, here’s how. I just started marathoning about 16 months ago and despite having run four marathons (one with three sprained tendons in my foot and the last two being seven days apart) I am still struggling with trusting the body God has given me. I’m always scared it won’t remember what to do … and remember to do it well. This training has been rough. Emotionally charged and I’ve been sick twice. God is trying very hard to teach me something … I just know it. And I think it’s this: To not worry. To trust the gifts He has so generously given me to get the job done. To praise Him through every trial I have faced and find comfort in knowing He is molding me to be what He needs. It’s all pretty darn awesome when you look at it like that. BIG SIGH. So I have decided I am not going to panic, like I typically would. And I am not going to be scared, like I want to be. I am going to BRAVELY trust that God has my back and will get me across that finish line … at just the right time … His time.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you BRAVELY SURRENDER!!!


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