World Down Syndrome Day … 

Happy World Down Syndrome Day everyone! Down Syndrome is caused by the triplication of the 21st chromosome. That is why today, March 21st (3/21) was chosen as this global day of awareness. Pretty cool, huh?!?! Anyway, you all know that my youngest daughter, Reese, has Down Syndrome. This child is a GIFT! She is the sparkle in my eye. The smile on my face. The determination in my soul. And the joy in my heart! She teaches me every day to slow down and enjoy the moment. She is my fountain of youth! Today I celebrate her and others with Down Syndrome all over the world!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you love someone with extra parts!!!

Looking forward to a whole lotta fun …

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day and I am absolutely excited! I’ve ordered blue iced cupcakes with yellow sprinkles for Reese’s class so that her friends can celebrate with her. After I drop her off at school in the morning I am running a virtual race with a friend of mine to promote Down Syndrome awareness. Later in the day we are attending a big event hosted by our local Down Syndrome Association at Downtown Disney. I even bought Reese and I matching leggings that have blue and yellow Down Syndrome awareness ribbons all over them. Oh. My. Gosh. It’s going to be such a great day!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are looking forward to a whole lotta fun!!!

Getting along … 

I adore my daughter Libs. She is funny, kind, talented, smart and adorable. I tell her all the time that even if she wasn’t my kid I would still want to hang out with her. She promptly tells me that that is really strange, HA! See?!?! She is so darn funny!

Anyway, that all being said, I hate going clothes shopping with Libs. HATE. IT. We get so frustrated with one another that we don’t want to talk to each other for hours afterward. I think she can’t make up her mind and it drives me batty! She has her issues with me too. She says that I’m the only person who can go into a store with the intentions of buying pants and walk out with 3 shirts, 2 skirts and a meal. Oh my gosh, yes, she is HILARIOUS!

Luckily, now that Libs is older she can go shopping with her friends or Sid takes her when she is in town. It works out best for everyone. However, there are still times when I must go with Libs and today was one of those days. I had found shorts that I knew she would like at a store that was pretty far away. She also needed a nice dress because this week she is competing in her school’s version of American Idol (Yep. She sings too. This kid!). So reluctantly, off we went to make our purchases. 

Well, I am not sure what exactly happened but our outing went unusually smooth. We went to two stores and made two purchases. Shorts and dress acquired without incident. It was a darn miracle! We couldn’t believe that neither one of us wanted to disown or curse the other. It was so weird.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get along!!!

I can’t picture it any other way …

Twelve long hilly miles. A “Veggie Palooza” plant sale. A tennis match. A sunny nap. A taste of my early adulthood. Playing Barbies. This is a snapshot of a day in my life. It’s colorful and I love every crazy memory of it! 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you can’t picture life any other way!!!