One angry bird … 

We have a local bagel shop that we frequent a few times a month. My crew loves their bagel sandwiches. We have been coming to this particular place for years and it’s always a pleasant experience when we do. We frequently see our neighbors there, enjoy the outside patio and are always greeted by their great staff.

There has, however, been a disruption to all this goodness as of late. A situation that is kinda … scary. There is a little black bird who swoops down and pesters and pecks at the customers. NO JOKE! I have not been a victim of this bird’s nastiness but I have been witness to it. Yikes. He is not nice! Not. At. All.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t encounter an angry bird!!!

Get over it … 

Reese has a bit of a cold. It’s hardly anything but then last night she started coughing. Not a horrible cough but it kept her up and restless for about 2 hours. I’m not sure about other parents but once a cough enters the picture, I freak out. Honestly Reese doesn’t even have a fever and last night you would have thought I had lost my mind. I ended up sleeping the rest of the night with her in her bed, jumping at her every movement and checking her countless times to see if she had a fever. Perhaps I’m suffering from a little PTSD from all her sick months prior to her tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy last March. That was such a rough time! But she has been so healthy since then, it’s such a blessing! In the midst of acting like a crazy woman last night, I realized that I really do need to calm the heck down. Good lordy.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get over it!!!

Seeing yourself in others … even if it’s a squirrel … 

You can always tell the crazy squirrel in the herd. Is “herd” correct when discussing squirrels? Gaggle? Grouping? Bunch? I like “herd” so I’m going with that. Anyway, they are the squirrel who is just a little more jittery and wiry than all the rest. And they have some wild fur going on too. Like they’ve been through a rain and wind storm while all the other squirrels look like they were smart enough to stay inside.


I just got a little scared describing that.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t see yourself in others!!!

A dramatically desperate coffee drinker …

I am tired … no … I mean REALLY tired … and we are traveling. My need for coffee and, sadly, my dependency on others to prepare my coffee has put me in a utter state of despair. I … can’t … go … on. 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t feel dramatically desperate!!!