Climbing out of my skin …

I must have had too much caffeine this morning because I was anxious all day. On top of that, Thursday is usually the busiest day of my week, but today it was EXTRA busy. So needless to say, my heart racing, teeth clinching, jitteriness and generalized impatience was just a down right unpleasant addition.

Not. Fun.

But now I can take a deep breath, enjoy my tea, and be thankful this beast of a day is over … and if all goes well tonight, I’m pretty sure I’ll get another one tomorrow, to do better.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you didn’t feel like climbing out of your own skin!!!

It works for me …

I woke up before my alarm this morning. Definitely not unusual for me especially when my normal running and working out schedule decreases. I just have too much darn energy. It’s a gift, but also a curse.

Anyway, I checked the weather app on my phone and it said it was 81 degrees. I looked at what the temperature would be at 8:30 when I dropped Reese off at school. 84 degrees. So I stayed in bed and forced myself back to sleep, because really, what difference is there between 81 and 84? None. Not when you are running in it. It’s just HOT.

So off I went at 8:30ish and excited about it too. Yes, excited to run in what actually ended up being 88 degrees. I hadn’t ran the past 9 days and I was eager to see how my foot and legs felt. The heat wasn’t going to stop me. And I refused to do this run on a treadmill. This run deserved to be outside. It was a new beginning. The first after leaving the memories of all the struggles I faced this summer behind me. I needed the freedom. The fresh (and in this case humid) air. None of it mattered. I wanted to literally run free … and I did.

I said it several times over the summer, “sometimes you win, sometime you learn”. I will not walk away from my struggles of this past training without having learned from them. I most definitely have. I learned that I was on the right track training for LA. I chose a different route to train for Ventura. It did not suit me. Going into it I wanted to surrender to the process, even though I knew it was more than my body could handle. I made choices subsequent to that, that certainly didn’t help my situation … Again, I learned.

This morning I ran without pain in the first time in a very long time. It. Felt. Wonderful. I took it easy and just enjoyed all of it and all of its normal discomforts. These are conditions I have grown to love. The difficult parts that make me feel alive. I could have run for many miles but that wouldn’t have been smart. The heat was actually probably a little dangerous to run in and this is still a recovery week for me. Easy runs only. So I stuck with 5 miles. But I love knowing that I had more in me. I can’t wait to run again tomorrow and to return to the running schedule that I know suits me. To the familiarity of what has previously helped me achieve my goals.

Yes. I learned.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you figure out what works for you!!!


I am so excited that I am sleeping in my compression bra …

I haven’t ran in 9 days. My legs feel great, my foot is content and my Achilles is good to go. My ailment check list could probably go on for days … but suffice it to say that … I AM READY!!!

Well, I hope you all had a day where you were so excited that you get to run tomorrow that you are sleeping in your running clothes (no joke, and compression bra too)!!!

Shut up and stop complaining …

If I told you how many minor and fairly major issues that came up in my life over the past week or so, I don’t think anyone would believe me. Even I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around all of it. I won’t bore you with details, but suffice it to say it hasn’t been a picnic at times.

I think I handled everything that was thrown at me pretty darn well to. Although the extra stress while recovering from my last race wasn’t fun. Physically that was a tough one. Dehydration after I run a marathon is something I usually battle for a few days, but with the crazy heat we have had in Cali I felt like I could never get a handle on it. Needless to say, I was at war with my body and life, HA!

Anyway, I survived. I never really had any doubts. It was just one of THOSE weeks. We all have them. And they are ALL THE REASON, when it’s good, I relish in it. Because you never know when a poopy week, coming at the most inopportune time, will happen.

Quite honestly weeks like these show me two things. First, I am one tough cookie. And second, the world is filled with a bunch of self absorbed wimps.

I don’t care how bad things get I am still going to try to smile, laugh and find the happy. I’m not going to sulk or have a pity party. OK, maybe I will allow myself a good venting session to a few of my besties. But let me tell you, none of them, or me, will ever let that last long. The bottom line, is that life goes on. Good or bad. My way or not. I’m not letting the little knock downs take me all the way out.

People can be so bitter and express their dissatisfaction about the most mundane and trivial issues … it’s just annoying! At least have the decency to be upset over a REAL issue. I’m not sure what these adult humans would do if they were in a real life crisis. Yikes!

People accuse me all the time of having a perfect and easy life … um … NO. I’ve been asked, in all seriousness, what drugs I take, because I am “so happy”. Um … VERY NO. This is what I choose. The world is filled with the whiners and smile seekers. The pessimists and the optimists. The ones who dread and the ones who dream. And it all boils down to choice. Pick which one you want to be and apply energy. To me, energy is either wasted in the negative or productively used for the positive. The choice really is yours.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you shut up and stop complaining!!!

A balanced life …

My oldest daughter, Sidney, is on her high school Varsity tennis team. Yesterday Sidney and her doubles partner played three matches. They won all three. She got home so late Friday but was up and ready to go for a team breakfast at 6:30 this morning. Then we were off to a tennis tournament where she and her partner played another four matches. They won three out for the four. Their team won second in the tournament. The team that beat them won by one game. They did fabulous!

It was in the triple digits today where we live. Never once, did Sidney complain. She was exhausted but kept a smile on her face and kept doing her best. And her best was pretty darn great! At times I was worried this would all be too much. The fatigue, the heat, the pressure.

I was wrong.

After they finished their last match Sid and I raced home. She had 30 minutes to get ready for a 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction concert. After I dropped Sid and her friend off at the concert, like a ton of bricks, it hit me … again … my little girl isn’t so little any more. She can handle herself and her responsibilities and still make room for fun. What a gift.

I am hopeful that she is always able to keep this ability. I think that if you can find the time to “do it all” and “do it all” well, then your life is so much more satisfying.

Today I got another glimpse of how close Sid is to adulthood. Again, it is so painful, yet wildly exciting.

My little girl really is almost all grown up … BIG SIGH …

Well, I hope you all had a day where you balanced it all!!!

A good man …

I recently learned of an incident involving a female Good Samaritan, who ended up in a physical altercation with another female and male. Thankfully she is fine. The incident took place in broad daylight at a very busy gas station in front of about 25 people. I’m not going to get into a rant about the senseless violence that plagues our society, but rather the lack of willingness of people to help others in need. ONE woman stayed to help the Good Samaritan after it was over but ABSOLUTELY NO ONE INTERVENED when it was happening.

Two against one and no one helped … wow … just wow.

I’m not so sure why, but the fact that no man came to her rescue really bothers me. I have accused chivalry of being dead for years now. Sad really. I have personally had men push me aside, drop open doors on me … pushing a stroller or not … and just act rudely. I could go on for hours with this one! Trust me, I usually immediately scream CHIVALRY IS DEAD! Yep … I do.

I’m not saying that there aren’t some wonderful, kind hearted and helpful men out there, there definitely are. But I would really like to see a little more of it … especially in circumstances like these. And I mean straight up chivalry too. I don’t want this limited. I want every man to stand up and protect and respect women, not just someone we are dating, married to or have birthed! ALL OF THEM.

Maybe I’m old fashion … but I want to believe that if I was in danger or in trouble, and if many other men were around, that at least a few of them would try to help me. Are days of this kind of DECENT HUMAN BEHAVIOR gone forever? The thought of this being true, breaks my heart.

And so … I will continue to carry my pepper spray everywhere I go. And encourage other women to do the same. I will boldly wave at strangers on my runs with it in my waving hand … silently saying, “If you have any bad intentions, I wouldn’t F with this redhead.” Ya know, just in case no one is around to help me if something were to happen.

Oh wait … that doesn’t seem matter anymore, does it?

Really … is that where we are???


Well, I hope you all have a day where you find a good man!!!